Overnight Trips

An overnight trip on the Au Sable can be a great adventure! We offer a variety of overnight trips on the river, and we can outfit you with all the gear you’ll need. There are a number of full service and rustic camp sites available, and we’ll provide you with all the information you’ll need to plan your trip.

If you plan to take a trip of two or more days, we recommend that you plan on about six hours of paddling each day. Ask us about recommended itineraries, and we’ll be glad to give you several options depending on the number of days you want to spend on the river. For example, for a one-night trip, we recommend paddling from Mio to either the Alcona Dam or the 4001 Bridge landing, with campsites available at several US Forest Service campgrounds. For longer trips, you may want to start in Grayling and spend nights at the Whitepine or Parmalee campgrounds.

Please camp only at approved campsites. We also recommend that you give a lot of thought to your provisions and minimize them if you can. Don’t overload your canoe with non-essentials – you’ll have difficulty paddling, and even more difficulty portaging around the dams! Here are a few tips:

Be sure to bring a warm sleeping bag. It can get very cold at night along the river, even in summer months.
Pack a waterproof tent. Take along a small propane stove or grill for easier cooking. Make absolutely sure you put your important gear in waterproof bags. Even if you don’t tip over, the stuff in your canoe is liable to get wet. You may want to put larger items like sleeping bags and tents in plastic garbage bags, which should be double wrapped.

For overnight trips, please add $20.00 per canoe for each additional day on the river.